Two shops closed in Catania due to non-compliance with the anticovid regulations

In this delicate period for the country, the work of the State Police, in addition to all the other functions, takes the form of targeted services aimed at ensuring compliance with the AntiCovid regulations. The level of attention of the operators of the Catania Police Headquarters is always high towards this phenomenon that undermines public safety and the efforts made so far by the community.

In fact, on the day of last May 6, the staff of the Administrative and Social Division of the Catania Police Headquarters, during the performance of the services prepared by the Catania Police Headquarters aimed at containing the spread of the covid-19 virus, proceeded to check two commercial establishments. centers of the Catania nightlife.

During the checks, the violation of the covid-19 regulation pursuant to art. 37 paragraph 1 and 2 of the Dpcm 02.03.2021.

Therefore, having ascertained the violations of the aforementioned Dpcm committed by the owners, regardless of the danger to which they exposed the health of the patrons, they were fined with an administrative sanction of 400 euros and with the application of the ancillary sanction of the closure of the activity for 5 days, so as required by current legislation, since they allowed the sale with take-away of alcoholic beverages beyond the permitted hours.

Further services will continue in the days to follow, aimed at avoiding irregular behaviors that could frustrate the results obtained, thanks to the observance of the rules that required the sacrifice of many citizens and many police officers who have been employed to carry out delicate and dedicated work. to the common good of the community.

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