Two Palermitans arrested for robbing a jewelry store in Frazzanò

The carabinieri of the Sant’Agata di Militello company carried out three arrests, two in prison and one under house arrest, in execution of a precautionary custody order issued by the judge of the Patti Tribunal against two Palermitans, aged 30 and 32 respectively, and a young man from Frazzanò, aged 22, investigated for aggravated robbery, kidnapping, and personal injury. The three would be the authors of a robbery in January 2023 at a jewelry store in Frazzanò, a heist that yielded 40,000 euros.

From the investigations, it emerged that the two Palermitan suspects, with their faces disguised, had entered the jewelry store and, after beating the owner, had taken several jewelry items, watches, and money. Before fleeing, the bandits had immobilized, tying hands and feet, the store manager, who had nevertheless managed to activate the alarm system, prompting the immediate intervention of the carabinieri.

The subsequent phase of the investigations allowed to reconstruct the likely sequence of events and to ascertain the alleged complicity of the twenty-two-year-old from the area. In fact, according to the carabinieri’s reconstruction, the young accomplice, before the robbery, had gone to the jewelry store pretending to buy precious items. Once the purchase was completed, he had left the store deliberately leaving the entrance door open, just as the robbers arrived and easily entered the premises to commit the crime. The presumed accomplice, in a plausible attempt to mislead the evidence of his involvement, had then made a phone call to the carabinieri without saying a word.

Arrestati due palermitani per la rapina a una gioielleria di Frazzanò

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