Two new species, Moriglione and Gruccione, nest in Priolo nature reserve.

Two new bird species have been added to the list of nesting birds in the Saline di Priolo Nature Reserve, managed by Lipu. The rare and localized Moriglione (Aythya ferina) and the colorful Gruccione (Merops apiaster). The reserve staff recently discovered a male specimen of Moriglione, which is unusual as it is typically a winter species, and a few days later a female with nine chicks. This is the first confirmed nesting of the species in the Priolo wetland area. The Moriglione population in Italy is in poor conservation status. The second new species is the Gruccione, one of the most colorful European birds. It nests in vertical walls where it can easily dig its nest. At least two couples have nested this season. The Gruccione is currently classified as “depleted” in the European Union and its conservation status is unfavorable at a continental level. However, the Italian population shows substantial stability in traditional nesting areas. The Saline di Priolo Reserve hosts a high number of nesting species, including the Cavaliere d’Italia, Avocetta, Fratino, and Fraticello. The Fraticello is a rare small tern in Europe, and around 100 pairs nest in Priolo. The reserve has had a significant contribution to the conservation of this species with approximately 150 young Fraticelli successfully fledged in 2023.

Alla Riserva naturale di Priolo nidificano due nuove specie: sono il Moriglione e il Gruccione

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