Two new centenarians in Mazara: party for Antonino Scavone and Caterina Asaro

Two new centenarians in Mazara del Vallo in a few hours. The last, in order of time, is Antonino Scavone which celebrated its century of life yesterday, Monday 2 January 2023. To toast with him, his children and grandchildren, there was also the mayor Salvatore Quinci who gave him a celebratory parchment on behalf of the city, complimenting him on the goal achieved and on his form, given that he is still lively.

Antonino Scavone’s was the second birthday with 100 candles in these first days of the year in Mazara del Vallo, and now there are 14 living centenarians. January 1st celebrated Catherine Asaro. In the presence of her children, grandchildren and Don Leo Di Simone, she celebrated her century of life with a cake, a toast and she too received the celebratory parchment presented by the municipal councilor Michele Reina as a gift from the municipal administration.

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