Two million euros for the buildings in Modica and Ragusa

Two interventions are planned in the province thanks to the funding provided by the Urban Agenda: the redevelopment of the Donnafugata Castle and the recovery of the Palazzo dei Mercedari

RAGUSA – The funding of Urban Agenda intended for the recovery and renovation of important buildings in the province. The sums available are intended for the municipalities of Ragusa and Modica and there are two interventions already planned.

In the first case, works for one million and one hundred thousand euros are already planned for the Donnafugata Castle while in Modica the Mercedari Palace, with a loan of one million euros.

This communication follows the approval by the Region of Sicily of the final rankings for the urban areas of Agrigento, Syracuse, Catania and Ragusa, for which, as part of the ‘Urban Agenda’, the regional department of cultural heritage and Sicilian identity foresees seven interventions, of over five million euros, for redevelopment, restoration and tourist-cultural enhancement.

It is a community programming tool, which affects the metropolitan centers of the island and the aggregations of municipalities that exceed 100,000 inhabitants, intended to favor urban development for the modernization of structures, computerization and environmental sustainability, through the financing of projects that help to address the new economic, environmental, demographic and social challenges of urban areas. The rankings refer to the OP Fesr 2014/20.

While the Donnafugata Castle has been accessible in recent years, the Palazzo dei Mercedari has been closed for some time and this intervention therefore represents the end of a process that has been going on for too long.

“Finally, with this news, it will be possible to put an end to a long story that has been going on for years and which concerns the long-awaited restoration work of Palazzo dei Mercedari – underlined the leader of the Lega to the Municipal Council of Modica, Mommo Carpentieri who, over the years, has closely followed the issue -. Property whose closure contributed to the exclusion of Modica among the candidate cities for recognition of ‘Italian Capital of Culture’. Now the work in synergy with the regional councilor for cultural heritage, Alberto Samonà and the Hyblean parliamentarian Nino Minardo has, once again, brought the desired results. That is the recent approval of the definitive rankings for the urban areas of Agrigento, Syracuse, Catania and Ragusa, as part of the Urban Agenda ”.

“My satisfaction as leader of the Lega in Modica – added Carpentieri – is great today. Not only have we fully grasped the ‘Urban Agenda’ as announced by the deputy Nino Minardo, but we have also secured two important loans for as many works of cultural heritage in the province of Ragusa ”.

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