two Milanese peasants in Sicily

Palermo – Social storm on Imen Jane and Francesca Mapelli, two Milanese “influencers” who in recent days have filmed their tourist-promotional descent from the Lombard capital in Sicily for the benefit of the iPhone, in a few hours ringing a series of slips between bad taste, classism, arrogance and pure rudeness. Meanwhile, the contradiction of an “ecological” mission on the island, financed by a cosmetics company. Then they published a photo saying that “by mistake” they were in Palermo, as if it were a plague-stricken village: at their feet a pair of Roger Vivers worth 650 euros, nominated for a spot.

So they asked the hotel reception for “scramble eggs” for breakfast, filming their giggles when the waiter politely asks for confirmation in Italian if he meant scrambled eggs. The day continued by asking the taxi driver, always filming everything, “What radio do you have here in Palermo?”: “The same ones you have in Milan” replies the man, entering by right among the online myths of the day. The duo finally wanders the “underpaid” employee of a pastry shop, because she does not know the history of the place, advising her to read all the books they have studied so that she could earn more as a tour guide.

The exchange with the young woman became a topic of conversation on the beach, with the owner of a lido to whom they showed the images, which ended up beautifully in their Instagram stories. After the barrage of insults with which they were covered on the web, Imen apologized publicly, but too late not to lose 25 thousand followers in 24 hours: one wonders how she managed to earn them, after having already been unmasked in the past for a vaunted Bocconi degree that turned out to be non-existent. The companion Francesca is still silent but Vice, for whom she works (goes), discharged her by dissociating herself from the incident. Power of social media: in a flash they had made their fortune, in a flash they became their grave.

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