Two marijuana growers arrested in the paternal countryside

Editorial Staff 05 September 2021 12:32

The carabinieri of the operational nucleus of the Paternò company, of the Biancavilla station and of the Sicily Hunters squadron, arrested a 37-year-old from San Giovanni La Punta and a 46-year-old from Paternò, as they were held responsible for the illicit production of narcotic substances. The inspections in the agricultural areas of the entire province of Etna made it possible to discover yet another Indian hemp plantation. An agricultural fund located in the Raisa-Buffa district, within which the two men had started a cultivation of cannabis complete with an irrigation system, ended up under the magnifying glass of the Arma soldiers. And just as they “refreshed” the 77 cannabis plants of the “skunk” type, they were arrested and placed under house arrest. The drugs and the irrigation system were seized.

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