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two isolated families in Gangi, closed roads and haywire roads

Two families blocked at home in Gangi due to the flooding of the Rainò stream. Streets full of mud and debris or closed due to flooding and many inconveniences for motorists. The pouring rain, even if expected, is scourging the province and sending the road system into a tailspin. The regional civil protection takes stock of the situation.

In Cefalù, work is being done to free the underpass from the water, in front of the Hotel Costa Verde, in via dell’Imimpresa. Work is also being carried out on provincial road 117 in Montemaggiore Belsito and on provincial road 21 in Sciara to avoid closure: “The carriageways are being cleaned due to spillage of land along them”. The former consortium 8, in Valledolmo, was closed for transit due to a landslide. The Anas also reports inconveniences on the state road 643 between Polizzi Generosa and Scillato. The state road 640 is closed in the direction of the Pietraperzia junction. The railway connection is still suspended, due to flooding of the tracks, along the Roccapalumba-Montemaggiore Belsito section. RFI workers are still working to repair the damage from the violent landslide. Cloudburst on the Madonie A water bomb hit the municipalities of Cerda, Sciara, Termini Imerese, Campofelice, Collesano and Scillato, in the Madonie. “Whole territories transformed into rice fields. Damages for several million euros to agricultural production, the companies of the territories, already in crisis due to the reckless increase in prices for raw materials, lose entire agricultural production. We can only appeal to the institutions for a quick and concrete support to avoid huge employment and economic disasters for the aforementioned territories. We ask that the Civil Protection reports on the matter and the Region can include in the list of municipalities in a state of emergency, already drawn up following the passage of cyclone Apollo in eastern Sicily, also the municipalities of Cerda, Sciara, Campofelice, Termini Imerese, Collesano, Scillato. And the contextual request for a state of national disaster already approved for eastern Sicily “, declared the provincial manager of the Lega agriculture department, Totò Cappadonia , and the regional head of the departments, Igor Gelarda. The forecasts for the next g iorni The forecast for the next few days does not bode well. Weather conditions are deteriorating sharply in the city as well. “An acute phase of bad weather – explains the 3bmeteo expert – is ready to affect the capital from tonight until Friday morning. In this period, the storms could be strong and persistent, causing discomfort, flooding and landslides. Total pluviometric accumulation expected above 70 mm. Ventilation from east-south east tense. Rough sea offshore “.