Two hikers get lost on the paths of Etna, found cold late in the evening

Intervention in the late afternoon of Monday 2 January for the Sicilian Alpine and Speleological Rescue, activated by the 118 Operations Center for the search for two hikers missing along the route of the Grotta del Gelo, at about 2400 m asl on the north side of Etna.

Leaving from Piano Provenzana towards the Grotta del Gelo, the two men lost their path during their return due to the darkness and the harsh and impervious terrain of the “Sciara del Follone” where they were later found.

After sounding the alarm, the two managed to provide their position, thanks to which the rescue teams of SASS, SAGF of the Guardia di Finanza and the Fire Brigade were able to identify and reach them quickly.

Found in good health conditions, although cold due to the sudden drop in temperatures and light equipment not suitable for winter climates, the two hikers were accompanied by off-road vehicles to the Piano Provenzana square and entrusted to the 118 health workers, present on site.

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