Two fires on Mount Etna and firefighters at work: a Canadair aircraft also in action in Pedara area

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Two fires on Mount Etna, one in the territory of Zafferana Etnea and the other in Tarderia, a fraction of Pedara. Mediterranean scrub and vegetation are on fire. At the site of the first fire, a team from the Riposto fire department is present. For the other fire, a team from Acireale is working with the assistance of a Canadair. The operational room of the provincial fire department headquarters of Catania has announced that the extent of the affected land is still to be quantified, the exact causes are to be determined, and it is not yet known if there are any injuries to people.

Due incendi sull’Etna e vigili de fuoco al lavoro: nella zona di Pedara in azione anche un canadair

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