Two fires in the same wood in less than 24 hours, investigated by foresters


Two fires in the same wood in less than twenty-four hours. According to the Prosecutor, the responsibilities are also of the men of the Forestry Corps who did not intervene adequately, culpably, and therefore without intent, the repetition of the flames.

It is the hypothesis on which the Agrigento Public Prosecutor works, which opened an inquiry, entrusted to public prosecutors Gloria Andreoli and Cecilia Baravelli, which hypothesizes the crime of negligent forest fire. The file, initially opened against unknown persons, was supplemented in the past few days with the registration in the register of suspects of some employees of the Forestry Corps who took part in the extinguishing operations. The investigations were delegated to the mobile team which, as a first act, summoned the suspects to alert them of the investigations against them. The facts at the center of the investigation date back to 19 and 20 July. In less than 24 hours the Piano Corsa district forest was ravaged by flames.

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