two evenings of concerts and DJ sets with the “Ellenic Music Festival” in the Valley of the Temples

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It is the second edition of a project that is already one of the most prominent events, in Italy and abroad, dedicated to electronic, post-rock and indie music.
Also this year – definitely with more energy thanks to the overcoming of the restrictions imposed by the pandemic – Piano San Gregorio, under the hill of the temples, will host the “Ellenic Music Festival” on 12 and 13 August.
Two days of concerts and exclusive DJ sets in the city of ancient beauty “which is now also becoming modern”.
The public will establish contact with Italian and international musical realities whose tours would hardly reach Sicily.
But it will also be an opportunity to discover the avant-garde: the right mix between emerged and emerging realities that have talent and artistic quality in common.

On 12 August there will be “Apocalypse now”, “Inude”, “The Notwist” (unique date in Sicily) and then the DJ set with Colapesce, Paolo Mei and Antartica.

On August 13, “Subsonica”, “Claxy” and “The Tangram” with the DJ set of Andy from Bluvertigo.

Artistically directing the event will be Davide Lo Iacono from Agrigento who continues to pursue a bet of his own, in the name of quality music.

Why Ellenic Music Festival? How was this project born?

“Ellenic arises from the need to nourish, through the constitution of an artistic-creative process, the socio-cultural aspect of a place.
Agrigento has always been a non-destination for a certain category of musical users and this has always caused a sort of abandonment.
Understanding the importance of ‘doing’ in a very difficult context to face is the great challenge of our festival.
Like us, young people and only in the second edition, there are realities that have long been pushing the accelerator on these key principles of territorial development (see ‘Festivalle’, ‘Lightblue Festival,’ Kinema Festival ‘,’ Sicilymovie Festival ‘) and we are proud to be part of those who, despite everything, do not let go so that a balance between territory and culture can be restored.
A people has the opportunity to grow only if pushed to regain trust in personal curiosity.
And it is the same curiosity that nourishes itself in being confronted with something that it does not know, that it has never heard ”.

What difficulties lie behind the creation of a mini review dedicated exclusively to quality music and far from commercial canons?

“The difficulties we face every day, I believe, represent normality in a virgin place like Agrigento.
We want to be credible as a cultural proposal and above all to represent a resource for the entire city.
A festival, of any size, with any artistic choice, remains an indefinable and very important experience.
Agrigento needs to be valued, to compete with those who, for years, have packaged an important portfolio of users, the same people who would spend the night, dine, dine in Agrigento, thus creating the notorious economic induced.
To make this happen, the people of Agrigento themselves must support the project, participating and feeling part of a community.
‘Ellenic’ has its own identity, its own brand and obviously its own stylistic choice.
All the artists who will tread the stage, in reality, are quite commercial: in the Italian-European music scene they are bands that have represented a very important piece of history for years.
‘The Notwist’, for example, are one of the most important and influential bands of the last 15 years in the indie-electronic scene.
And having them under the hill of the temples will be a unique and unrepeatable moment “.

With what criteria were the artists of this year chosen?

”The choice of the line-up for this second edition is the result of 10 months of work.
the criterion is always the same: quality, particularity and desire to make known sounds not yet reached in Agrigento.
All the artists, even the opening c bands, are hyper-consolidated realities in the Italian and European panorama.
Thinking that the ‘Inude ”(Apulian band and strongly desired) before the date at’ Ellenic ‘will be guests at the’ Montreaux Jazz Festival ‘says it all about the quality of these musicians.
Ditto ‘The Tangram’ or ‘Claxy’, an electronic duo that is making a name for itself wherever they play.
I don’t think I ‘Subsonica ”and Andy of Bluvertigo need any presentation because of what they represent for Italian music.
The special gem is definitely the Colapesce DJ set that we will never cease to thank for its special and unique participation “.

THEn a historical period in which only catchphrases seem to dominate, with which tools and strategies can alternative music be enhanced?

“In the era of catchphrases, there is only one strategy: fewer smartphones and more desire to ‘hear’.
Music is never alternative, music is music.
We prefer to define ourselves as a further offer that, in this territory, wants to build, piece by piece, its audience and make Agrigento one of the most eligible experiences to live ”.

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