Two corpses in an advanced state of decomposition have been found in Cala Spugne, are they the victims of the shipwreck?

Editorial team 04 September 2021 10:17

The firefighters are recovering two corpses, in an advanced state of decomposition, found near Cala Spugne. They should be two women and they should be two of the 9 missing from the shipwreck of 30 June when a small boat capsized between Lampedusa and the islet of Lampione. The strong sea currents of the last few days brought the two corpses ashore. The boat, after having overturned and having made all the migrants on board end up in the water (7 women, one of them 2 months pregnant, who lost their lives and 46 survivors), lay down on the bottom of the sea. On 8 July, the Coast Guard ship Dattilo which submerged an underwater robot, located the boat and the bodies of the 9 missing immigrants. One body was found lying inside the hull, while eight others were on the adjacent seabed. On the shipwreck there is an investigation by the Prosecutor of Agrigento, coordinated by the chief prosecutor Luigi Patronaggio and by the substitute Maria Barbara Cifalino ‘.

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