two classes in Dad also at Mazzini-Gallo

Editorial staff 27 September 2021 12:21

Share Two other classes in Dad at Mazzini Gallo. These are two fifths of the primary of the detached section of via La Farina. The positive case is one but the other class involves direct contact. In this way, six institutes are confronted with the interruption of face-to-face lessons. After Minutoli, Nautico, Seguenza, including Santa Margherita and Pascoli-Crispi, the detached section of the institute in via Natoli also comes to terms with the coronavirus two weeks after the start of the lessons. On the other hand, students from a class from the Caminiti-Trimarchi high school have already returned to the province. The school remains under special surveillance with an ad hoc table between the regional school office and the prefecture of Messina. An initial assessment will be made one month after the start of the lessons but constant monitoring is already underway. In particular, the situation of vaccinated teachers is also being assessed with checks on green passes.

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