Two boys on the cliffs… Would have died for sure: the fisherman’s tale from Lampedusa

Salvatore Del Volgo, a fisherman from Lampedusa, recounts the rescue of two very young migrants who were recovered on Monday, November 20th, after their boat sank. When the boat sank, the survivors swam to the cliffs of Capo Ponente. Forty-three were saved by the Coast Guard, including a 2-year-old girl who died before reaching the port, and 8 were missing. Two swam to the cliffs of Muro Vecchio. Salvatore and his son, Giuseppe, found them and rescued them, giving them water and bread. The two migrants, believed to be brothers, were in bad condition and were taken to the hospital. Salvatore Del Volgo is sure they wouldn’t have survived if they hadn’t been rescued.

«Quei due ragazzi sugli scogli… Sarebbero morti di sicuro»: il racconto del pescatore di Lampedusa

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