Two 25 and 26 year old girls on trial for ambushing and beating a 29 year old out of jealousy.

Two of the three girls from Marsala accused of assaulting and beating a young woman out of jealousy have been indicted by the preliminary investigating judge Annalisa Amato. Monia Marino, 25, and Stella D’Acquisto, 26, are accused of aggravated personal injury. D’Acquisto is also charged with private violence. The trial, before the Marsala Court, is set to begin on June 27th.
The third girl, Francesca Valenza, 22, for whom the prosecution had requested a trial, requested an expedited trial and was sentenced to 6 months of suspended imprisonment for personal injuries and acquitted of the charge of private violence.
According to the accusation, on the night of August 7, 2022, they arranged to meet the then twenty-nine-year-old L.C.E. in the clearing in front of the pastry workshop “Dolce Vita” in Contrada Dara. Upon her arrival, they allegedly attacked her with kicks and punches, causing injuries that were deemed to be healed within ten days by the emergency room at Borsellino Hospital in Marsala.

Marsala, due ragazze di 25 e 26 anni a processo: sono accusate di avere teso un agguato e picchiato una ventinovenne per gelosia

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