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Turned into the tender for the sale of the former Hotel Riviera, the University is ready to buy it

Editorial staff 28 July 2021 10:11

The board of directors of the University of Messina has authorized the rector Salvatore Cuzzocrea to initiate the procedures for making an offer for the purchase of the Hotel Riviera. In the intentions of the University, the building in Viale della Libertà must be used as a residence for students. The decision that will be formalized in the next few hours marks a turning point for the building once the flagship of the tourist reception that the former Province has tried to sell several times to the highest bidder without success. The last manifestation of interest, for just over three million and five hundred thousand euros, would close tomorrow, July 29, with the assignment of the premises to the Iacp of Messina, in the absence of proposals from other public bodies. The University offer will mark the turning point.