Turned in Caronia, the experts: “The van hit Viviana’s car, Gioele was not in the seat”

turning-in-caronia, -the-experts: -

There could be a twist in the investigation into Caronia’s mystery. New elements come from the investigations on the encounter that took place in the gallery. “Both Viviana Parisi’s car and the vehicle of the motorway workers were on the move on August 3 and therefore the van was not stationary as it was initially thought. And it is likely that the same van attempted to invade the fast lane by hitting the woman’s car ”.

This was stated by Camelo Costa and Giuseppe Monfreda, consultants of the Mondello and Parisi families after the examination this afternoon at the “Letizia” self-rescue in Brolo on the van of the workers who took care of motorway maintenance and on the car of Viviana Parisi, later found dead with his son Gioele in the countryside of Caronia. The appraisal, carried out together with the consultants of the prosecutor’s office, opens a new phase in the investigation.

But not only. “According to the first reports – the experts continue – the seat Gioele was traveling in was unfastened and not attached to the car. We will go to the Pizzo Turda tunnel on the A20 Messina Palermo near Caronia to better reconstruct the dynamics of the clash ”.

But a certainty emerges: “The seat was not usable – they say. So Joel was not there, he was sitting elsewhere in the car. We examined all the damage, the truck had already undergone repairs because it had not been confiscated immediately, but fortunately the door involved in the fight had not undergone repairs so we were able to do our analyzes “.