Tumminia, new head of the Mafia of Belmonte arrested: he also decided the shifts to the forestry corps


Shot to the mafia family of Belmonte Mezzagno. During a blitz by the carabinieri of the provincial command of Palermo Salvatore Francesco Tumminia, believed to be the new clan chief, was arrested.

Recently released after being convicted of mafia association following the Perseus operation (December 16, 2008), Tumminia had centralized power in his own hands managing the extortion sector, infiltrating the city's institutions and acting as a point of reference for solving city problems.

The investigations started after the murder of Vincenzo Greco, the first of the blood events that followed Operation Dome 2.0 of 4 December 2018, and have allowed, in a short time, to reconstruct part of the organization chart of the mafia family of Belmonte Mezzagno identifying the man who had taken the top after the arrest of Filippo Bisconti.

Tumminia was, therefore, a point of reference for the Belmontese. Some examples: the request made by a criminal lawyer to the head of the family to intervene to make him collect a credit that for years he boasted towards one of his clients. But not only that, Tumminia turned to manage a controversy that arose between some associates after an extortion request formulated against a craftsman, brother of one of the Belmontese men of honor. The wiretapping revealed the complaints of the craftsman who, after telling his brother that he had received a pinch with the extortion claim and the death threats, turned to the head of the family to intervene to prevent him from paying the "lace". Tumminia would also have put his hands in the local detachment of the forestry body of the Region, autonomously arranging the shifts of seasonal workers and organizing work teams at will, favoring employees close to him.

The interference was such that the belief had spread throughout the country that the only way to obtain a seasonal contract was to speak directly with Tumminia, who boasted of the threats made against the non-collaborative local office managers.

Among the subjects reached by the restrictive measures, during the operation there are also Stefano Casella, Antonino Tumminia and Giuseppe Benigno who, in the days following the blatant attempt at murder against him, had fled, finding refuge from some relatives to Piubega, a municipality in the province of Mantua, where he was tracked down by the military and arrested. The investigations have documented how Benigno operated in contact with the leaders of the mandate and the mafia family headed by Salvatore Francesco Tumminia by facilitating the commission of the crimes of the association such as extortion and facilitating contacts and meetings with members of the various mafia families.

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