Trumpet off the coast of Levanzo, fear among the inhabitants but no damage

In the late afternoon today (Thursday 22 September) the formation of a was visible from Favignana, in the province of Trapani trumpet in the sea in front of the island of Levanzoat a time when a violent storm was in progress.

Fear among the inhabitants of the small island but luckily the trumpet formed in the sea was discharged shortly after without causing damage to people or things. The weather conditions in the Egadi area and in the province of Trapani predict a worsening in the next few hours. In particular rains and thunderstorms are expected, with strong mistral wind and rough sea.

Meanwhile a whirlwind has formed in the hamlet of Bruca, in the Trapani hinterland. Those who witnessed the phenomenon found themselves enveloped in the ash of the nearby Scorace wood which in recent weeks was devastated by a fire.

Weather permitting tomorrow (Friday 23 September), at 9 o’clock, one should take place swimming crossing from the islet of Formica to the island of Levanzo to sensitize the municipal administration of Favignana to install the slides for the disabled in some accesses to the sea of the Egadi.

Swimmers Janet Bertolini and Dado Chimieri, ASD Aquarius athletes will start from Formica epthey will swim the six nautical miles that divide the two islands. The initiative is supported by the Egadi Islands Pro Loco. Assistance at sea will be guaranteed by two private boats and a Coast Guard patrol boat.

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