Truck punctures a wheel and stops on the motorway, queues between Cinisi and Terrasini

Editorial staff 16 September 2021 12:08

Share After a puncture of a tire, he risked hitting the guardrail, perhaps overwhelming some cars, but in the end he managed to stop the truck from running, avoiding any danger. But not the inconvenience the traffic. Queues on the Palermo-Mazara motorway, in the carriageway towards Trapani, in the section between Cinisi and Terrasini, for a heavy vehicle stopped between the driving lane and the emergency lane. The accident occurred at kilometer 17. The Polstrada intervened on the spot to manage the road network and report the danger to motorists. The vehicle is in fact close to a curve, in a dangerous point if we consider the average speed of travel on the motorway. Pending the arrival of a mobile workshop to change the tire, only the overtaking lane remains open.

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