Troina, waving the flag granted to the Oil Cities

The delivery of the banner officially sanctioned membership of the national association of the same name. For the Administration it is the way to a new path aimed at economic and tourist growth

TROINA (EN) – It was delivered to the mayor Fabio Venezia, at the end of the conference on the health properties of olive oil held in Chiaramonte Gulfi (Ragusa) in recent days, the official flag of the City of Oil.

“We are honored – said Venice – to have officially received the flag of the Oil Cities, which confirms our adhesion to this renowned association. We already have a first event was agreed with the president Michele Sonnessa in September, in which the operators of the sector will be involved, with moments of debate on the recognized properties of the oil, which will also be accompanied by moments of product tasting, which will allow our producers to promote their olive oil more and better “.

The Municipality of Troina, in November of last year, in fact joined the National Association founded in Larino (Campobasso) in 1994, which brings together the Municipalities, the Provinces, the Chambers of Commerce, the mountain communities, the Gal and the Parks located in territories where oils are produced that document an adequate olive-growing tradition connected to environmental, historical, cultural values ​​or that fall within a Designation of Origin, precisely with the aim of enhancing the production of territorial excellence and triggering a circuit of experiential tourism.

“From this moment – explained the commissioner for economic development Giuseppe Schillaci – officially starts a new path that will involve all operators in the sector, from producers to millers, triggering important opportunities for promoting olive oil produced and bottled in Troina. In fact, the National Association organizes national and international events which, in addition to promotion, also include interesting experiential tourism routes that will allow visitors to walk among our olive groves and participate in the evocative moments of harvesting and milling, with tastings and food and wine events “.

To deliver the banner to the mayor and councilor Schillaci, was Sebastiano Gurrieri, regional secretary of the Association and mayor of Chiaramonte Gulfi. Also present at the ceremony were the director Antonio Balenzano and the national president of the Città dell’Olio Michele Sonnessa, who declared: “We are very honored by the entry of the city of Troina into our Association. The mayor of Venice, with his administration, is a model and a clear testimony of commitment and legality and of how fundamental the fight against the mafia and organized crime is for the cultural, social and economic growth of a territory. Together we will do great things “.

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