triumphs in In Volley Piemonte

Palermo crowns the new queen of Italian Under 15 women’s volleyball: In Volley Piemonte is the Italian champion for the category. The team coached by Daniele Sciarrotta conquers the Italian title by beating the Lombard team of Visette Volley 3-1 (25-17 19-25 25-14 25-13). The final, played at the Palaoreto, amply satisfied the expectations giving life to an intense and competitive match refereed by Riccardo Callegari from Treviso and Federico Chiacchiaro from Naples. The 1st-2nd place final was streamed on the Youtube channel of the Italian Volleyball Federation (visible here).

At the Palaoreto in Palermo also the final to establish the third place overall in the category. Volleyro ‘Casal de Pazzi wins who beat the defending champions of Foodlab Imoco Volley San Donà 3-1. The Sicilian Sunday morning show was also staged in Cinisi for the finals from 5th to 8th place. While the Pro Victoria Verovolley Monza concludes her adventure in seventh absolute position by beating the only Sicilian in the WeKondor Catania in three sets, the Lombard team of the Busnago Volleyball Team beats the same age group of Anderlini Modena for 3-0, island with numerous organic defections. Finally, Terrasini assigned the positions from 9th to 12th place: the Heart of Mamma Cutrofiano closes the ranking, with no victories in this event and defeat this morning by Volleyball Fondi for 3-0. Ninth place for Teodora Ravenna, who got the better of 3-1 on ASD Duemila12.

The authorities present in Palermo to attend the epilogue of a three-day event that gave a an unforgettable experience for all the protagonists: federal councilor Davide Anzalone for Fipav, president of CR Sicilia Nino Di Giacomo, president of CT Palermo Eduardo Cammilleri together with president of the local organizing committee Roberto Mormino. Present Raoul Russo, representing the Department of Tourism, Sport and Entertainment of the Sicilian Region. The second coach of the Italian Under 16 women’s national team Oscar Maghella will also observe the excellence of the discipline this weekend. It was an intense Sicilian weekend for the volleyball youth movement, in which the best Italian Under 15 teams enthusiastically expressed a first-rate technical level despite their age. A beautiful cover that bodes well for the present, but above all for the future of Italian volleyball. The declarations Nino Di Giacomo, president of CR Sicily: “We are honored that FIPAV has focused on our island for one of the indelible moments for the sporting growth of an athlete. Sicily is there. A credit to the teams that paraded on our fields for their quality and technique shown during this weekend. A beautiful page for the committee, a beautiful page for Sicilian and national volleyball ” Eduardo Cammilleri, president of CT Palermo: “Satisfied with the success of this event. Palermo has proven to have a committee up to par for events of this caliber, especially from an organizational point of view. This will allow us in the future to propose ourselves again for this type of events, which are important for the territory from the point of view of motivation and habit at certain levels “. These are the names of the new Italian champions of In Volley Piemonte: Felicia Buffone, Martina Cantoni, Diara Gaye, Alice Giacomin, Carlotta Lodigiani, Maria Mangalagiu, Gemma Molino, Cecilia Montaldi, Sonia Prekducaj, Martina Sacco, Caterina Viazzo, Amelie Vighetto , Martina Cerrato, Laila Cantoni. Awards and results The special prize “Lilyana Pizzo”, the lady of Sicilian volleyball who died in 2020, was presented by Donatella Pizzo to the captain of In Volley Piemonte Amelie Vighetto. The individual prizes were awarded and delivered by Oscar Maghella:
Best hitter – Claudia Talerico, Visette Volley
Best setter – Martina Cantoni, In Volley Piemonte
Best central – Zoe Moiran, Foodlab Imoco Volley San Donà
Best Free – Alessandra Ribechi, Volleyro ‘Casal de Pazzi
MVP – Amelie Vighetto, In Volley Piemonte Final 1st-2nd place: In Volley Piemonte – Visette Volley 3-1 (25-17 19-25 25-14 25-13)
Final 3rd-4th place: Volleyrò Casal dè Pazzi – Imoco Volley San Donà 3-1 (25-17 25-21 22-25 25-9)
Final 5th-6th place: Busnago Volleyball Team – Anderlini 3-0 (25-17 27-25 25- 19)
Final 7th-8th place: Pro Victoria – Wekondor Catania 3-0 (25-22 25-19 25-20)
Final 9th ​​-10th place: Teodora Ravenna – ASD Duemila12 3-1 (25-20 24-26 25-16 25-15)
Final 11th-12th place: Heart of Mamma Cutrofiano – Volleyball Fondi 0-3 (20-25 21-25 24 -26) Final classification: 1. In Volley Piemonte; 2. Visette Volley, 3. Volleyro ‘Casal de Pazzi, 4. Foodlab Imoco Volley San Donà, 5. Busnago Volleyball Team, 6. Anderlini Modena, 7. Pro Victoria, 8. WeKondor Catania, 9. Teodora Ravenna, 10. ASD Duemila12, 11. Volleyball Fondi, 12. Heart of Mamma Cutrofiano.

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