Trip to Sicily and its sea, the Tre Terzi live at the Nautoscopio


Event location: Nautoscopio Piazza Capitaneria di Porto

Event date: From 08/16/2019 to 08/16/2019

Event cost: Free

Friday, August 16th, the Tre Terzi will perform live at the Nautoscopio Arte – Piazzale capitaneria di porto – from 9.00 pm (free admission). They will also present pieces from "Andata e Ritorno", a concept album that talks about travel, Sicily, its sea and its history.

The disc is also available in traditional stores (IRD distribution) and in all digital platforms (Tunecore distribution) and is produced by Patridà Records with the artistic production of Pierpaolo Latina at MCN STUDIO of Lello Analfino. The album is of 13 tracks (plus a bonus track), tells of a real journey, of everything that happens between a going and a return, between a boat, the lamparas, a storm waiting for "who's here will save ":" 'Andata e Ritorno' – explains Claudio Terzo – it is a record conceived to be listened to from the beginning to the end without pauses, conceding those 50 minutes of pause from this life that makes us run every day. "The record was anticipated by the individual, "Chi ci salverà".

The Tre Terzi are born in Palermo in 2009. Today they are formed by Claudio Terzo (vocals and guitars) and Ferdinando Moncada (guitars), Diego Tarantino (bass), with them collaborate Emanuele Rinella and Ferdinando Piccoli (drums). The Sicilian band performs in dozens of dates in Sicily (Lampedusa, Marsala, Sciara, Capo Peloro Fest of Messina, Burgio, Santo Stefano di Camastra, Cerami) and in Italy, sharing the stage with Niccolò Fabi, Alberto Fortis, Lello Analfino, Giuseppe Milici, Gareth Brown, Red Ronnie. In 2018 they reach the finals of the "Fiat Music Tour" at the Ariston Theater in Sanremo; in the same year they are invited to play at Casa Sanremo during the Sanremo Festival week. Also in 2018, they arrive at the final stages to participate in the May 1st 2018 Concertone in Rome. Shortly after they perform at the Circolo degli artisti in Rome and at the Golden Theater in Palermo with a sold out concert in which they play the songs taken from their first album, entitled "Tre Terzi" (2014), recorded and mixed by Riccardo Piparo at LAB MUSIC. In July 2018 the second album "Andata e Ritorno" comes out, accompanied by two videoclips, "Chi ci salverà" and "Andata e ritorno" The 2019 opens with a great event for the band: the Tre Terzi are among the protagonist artists of the New Year in Palermo together with Goran Bregović, Red Ronnie, and other artists, in front of over 100 thousand people. In April 2019 they pass the regional selections and enter the national final of the 32nd edition of SanremoRock, which was held in June at the Ariston Theater in Sanremo. In June, I Tre Terzi reached another important milestone: they performed live in the pre-show of RADIO ITALIA LIVE – IL CONCERTO, an event organized by Radio Italia thanks to the collaboration with the Municipality of Palermo which took place in the splendid setting of the Foro Italico of Palermo in front of 50 thousand people, and which saw artists taking turns on stage like: Achille Lauro, Benji & Fede, Ghali, Il Volo, Irama, Fiorella, Mannoia, Mahmood, Fabrizio Moro, Nek, Takagi & Ketra with Giusy Ferreri, The Journalists, Paola Turci and Mika. The Palermo band brought the song "Mal d’Africa" ​​to the stage for the occasion.

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