Trial office, the lawyers' knots on incompatibilities “Serious gaps”

The doubts raised by the Council of the Order of Palermo

Doubts about incompatibility, or not, are growing stronger for lawyers who want to enter the trial office. The selections are in progress and the first suitability test has taken place but some nodes still remain. The council of the Palermo Bar Association raises serious doubts: “From what emerges from the recent rankings, – affirms the president Antonello Armetta – many lawyers have passed the selections for the office for the trial but still do not know which incompatibilities they will have to avoid . If it is true that incompatibility with the legal profession has been ruled out with an absolutely inappropriate rule, we are still waiting to understand if the member of the trial office can carry out his professional activity in the same district in which he operates “.

An “immediate” remedy is needed

According to Armetta, an immediate intervention by the Ministry of Justice is needed: ‚ÄúThis is a serious lacuna, which must be remedied immediately because it does not appear possible to contribute to the definition of the proceedings in the same offices in which the profession takes place. We therefore hope that the minister intervenes with extreme clarity and that he wishes to do so before the candidates choose the seats in which to operate, as the latter must be able to choose with the utmost awareness. A reform should solve problems, not create new ones “.

What is the trial office

The trial office, according to the Ministry of Justice, corresponds to a project to improve the justice service, which, taking its cue from virtuous practices of revision of the organizational modules of the work of the magistrate and the chancelleries, allows to support the trials of innovation in the judicial offices. It is mentioned for the first time on a general level by the article 16 – octies of the decree-law 18 October 2012, no. 179, converted with amendments by law 17 December 2012, n. 221 which provides for the establishment of the Office for the trial, in the courts of appeal and ordinary courts. The ministry has planned organizational and regulatory interventions, to provide courts and appellate courts with the regulatory framework, the first financial resources and the IT tools to organize staff capable of assisting the judge in activities.

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