Trial of director and doctor over suicide of Nisseno inmate in Augusta prison

The investigating judge has determined that the director and doctor of the Augusta prison are partially responsible for the death of a prisoner. The prosecutor argued that their decisions led to the inmate’s suicide, and the judge has accepted this reasoning. The director, Angela Lantieri, and the doctor, Emanuela Maria Musto, will face charges of incitement to suicide, negligence, and manslaughter. The trial is set to begin in June of next year. The victim’s family members will act as civil plaintiffs in the case. The names of other prison staff involved in the incident have been excluded from the investigation. It is believed that the inmate’s intention to commit suicide was influenced by a traumatic event during his detention, which he had expressed to the doctor. The judge criticized the doctor’s negligent behavior for revoking the suicide watch despite initially prescribing it. Similarly, the judge criticized the director for improperly revoking the watch without considering the input of the multidisciplinary staff. Experts suggest that these omissions could have prevented the tragic outcome.

Nisseno suicida in carcere ad Augusta, rinviati a giudizio direttrice e medico

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