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“Trees not pruned for years”, branches inside the balconies at the Santa Rosalia Village (VIDEO)

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Trees that have not been pruned for years and branches that end up inside the balconies of the houses.
It happens in wide Vincenzo Pandolfostreet located within the neighborhood Santa Rosalia village Of Palermo.
In fact, residents complain of a situation of abandonment that affects the whole area.
Area which, in accordance with the provisions of resolution 107 of 22 September 2021 issued by the IV Circumscription, had to be affected by urgent pruning.
But this did not happen, as in other areas of the Sicilian capital.

The anger of the residents

To describe the discomfort experienced by the residents of the Santa Rosalia Village is Francesco Catalano, inhabitant of the area.
“The trees have never been pruned.
The Municipality always says ‘today, tomorrow, the day after tomorrow’.
But many years have passed.
And the residents, among excrement and all, they have branches inside the house, with relative presence of mice and insects.
Imagine how we have to live.
I pray those in duty to come and make an inspection and act accordingly “.

The resident then refers to the deliberative acts undertaken by the IV District.
Invitations to intervene, addressed to the Administration, fallen on deaf ears.
“There is an ordinance of September 2021 in which it was written that interventions had to be made.
But everything remained in the drawer.
People with pathologies live here, children, we must act immediately “.

About ten pruners for 70,000 trees

A serious problem is that of greenery in the city, which has come back into vogue following the numerous collapses of shrubs caused by the strong wind that has blown over the Sicilian capital in recent days.
Are approximately 70,000 trees present within the territory of Palermo.
A heritage which, however, was not served by adequate ordinary maintenance.
This is due to the long-standing personnel problems that afflict the Municipality of Palermo.
The Ville and Giardini sector is certainly no exception, in which there are only about ten workers who take care of the service.
Too few when compared to the distribution and extension of greenery in the city.