Traveling from Naples to Sicily

Sicily offers a lot opportunity for those who want an original holiday, different from the usual. It offers many cities of art, with a long history behind them and various architectural remains, as well as splendid nature and a thousand opportunities for fun. One of the main features of the island is its distance from most of the peninsula. From Naples to Messina we are talking about almost 500 km, a distance that increases if you want to reach Catania, Palermo or Agrigento.

How to make your journey more enjoyable
The most comfortable way to make the trip less stressful, with less need to drive, is to choose to leave by ferry. From the port of Naples there are departures for Palermo with various shipping companies, the same applies to various other Italian proti. Starting from the Neapolitan capital, you can also reach the Aeolian Islands, Palermo or even Milazzo, near Messina.

Palermo Palace

Usually the ferries to Sicily that leave from Naples leave in the evening; in this way you will be able to meet in the morning at the port of destination, ready for a pleasant day in Palermo or in other Sicilian cities.

How to organize a ferry trip
The convenience of the ferry lies mainly in the possibility of make the crossing with your own car. This allows you to move on the island as you see fit, visiting one or more locations on the same trip. To organize a ferry trip you can take advantage of the websites that offer this type of service. In addition to showing us all the ferries departing, on the chosen date, it is also possible to book directly from home, obtaining the ticket. On the day of departure it will be sufficient to show up at the port, after printing the ticket. It is obviously necessary to indicate the number of people traveling, as well as some data of any car to be loaded on board. Ferries to Sicily are comfortable and access on board takes place strictly following the current hygiene regulations. Different types of tickets are available, from the classic deck seat to cabins with beds and services.

What to see in Palermo
There are many beauties of the city that in fact it is a modern metropolis that has its roots in history. Those who arrive in Palermo certainly want to visit the center, with the renowned cathedral, the town square with the Fontana Pretoria, the Palazzo dei Normanni, the catacombs of the Capuchins and the well-known open-air markets, where all the raw materials produced are sold. near the city. Palermo is beautiful to experience even at night, with the tree-lined streets and the many shops in the center. Some buildings in Palermo are part of the world heritage of humanity, as well as the cathedral of Monreale and that of Cefal├╣. The two towns are located a short distance from Palermo, which allows you to reach them quickly by car, it is a matter of a few kilometers of road. Always in the car you can not let go Mondello beach, especially popular in summer, it is actually beautiful in all seasons, even in the middle of winter.

What to see around Palermo
For archeology enthusiasts Sicily offers, too considering only the surroundings of Palermo, various opportunities to extend the trip. Segesta, an archaeological site that includes the remains of the ancient Greek city, is about an hour and a half drive from the capital. There you can admire a Doric temple and a large theater, both very well preserved. Bagheria is a small town near Palermo, we are talking about 25 km away. It is called the city of villas, in fact it is here that the nobles of Palermo loved to build their villas in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. There are many well-preserved villas which are now open to the public. More archeology instead it attracts us to the hills behind the gulf of Porticello. Here you can still see the remains of Solunto, an ancient city built by the Phoenicians and then used by both the Greeks and the ancient Romans.


How to extend the trip
Those who stop even for a weekend in Palermo will find various particularly interesting attractions in the city and its surroundings. Moving from here, always remaining in Sicily, the beauties of the island not to be missed are numerous. Following the coast to the west is San Vito lo Capo, a seaside resort particularly appreciated by the many tourists who come here every year. Continuing we find first Trapani, then Marsala and Mazara del Vallo. We are talking about three different towns with various opportunities for a visit, even for those who want to stop in each of them for two or more days. Absolutely to see the salt pans of Trapani and those of the ancient city of Mozia, near Marsala. To the east, on the other hand, one travels towards Messina, passing through Cefal├╣, Sant’Agata di Militello, Milazzo. The coast offers incredible views and some of the most beautiful beaches in the Mediterranean. In the hinterland you can not only enjoy the architecture of villages and small towns, but also of a gastronomy that will make the gourmands dream.

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