Trapani tries to escape from prison by hiding in a dumpster but is discovered

Clumsy attempt to escape from the “Pietro Cerulli” prison in Trapani. A Castelvetranese, detained since last August 3, yesterday afternoon after the hour of air instead of returning to his cell he managed to hide in a waste bin, the kind that are then taken out to be unloaded.

The dumpster was located inside the penitentiary structure between the precinct and the boundary of the prison. The man, finding himself alone for quarantine reasons before being taken to his cell, was walking in a space dedicated to him.

Upon returning to the cell at 3.30 pm the prison policemen, counting the inmates, immediately noticed the absence of the castelvetranese and immediately activated the searches that ended by looking right inside the dumpster where the man to camouflage himself better and avoid being discovered he had slipped trying to hide among the garbage bags. At this point it is not excluded that the prisoner may be transferred to another prison facility.

Despite the shortage of agents in the Trapani prison, repeatedly denounced by the police unions, the attention inside the Pietro Cerulli always remains high and vigilant. At least another 40 units would be needed to re-establish a balance between active-duty agents and prisoners in the facility.

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