Trapani. The Diocese participates in the social campaign for World Grandparents' Day

Our memory, the roots of peoples, the link between generations, a treasure to be preserved. This is the elderly and grandparents in the Pope’s thought, a real “gift” whose richness we often forget. In Rome, on July 25 at 10 am, Pope Francis will celebrate a Mass with grandparents and the elderly. Likewise, in each parish one of the Sunday Masses can be dedicated to the celebration of the Day. Among the suggestions, that of dedicating a particular memory to the elderly who died alone due to the Coronavirus (as already announced it will be held in Alcamo in the parish of “Sant’Anna”). Next Sunday, the fourth Sunday of July near the feast of Saints Joachim and Anna, the grandparents of Jesus, the world day of grandparents will be held wanted by Pope Francis to celebrate the gift of old age and to remember those who, before us and for us, guard and pass on life and faith. In Alcamo, during the rich program of celebrations promoted by the parish of Sant’Anna, in all the celebrations on Sunday 25 July the pope’s letter will be donated to the grandparents that the grandchildren will give to the elderly who will not be able to participate and all those who will be remembered they are alone and sick and those who have died without the proximity of their loved ones due to covid19. “We welcomed with joy the pope’s proposal to dedicate a day to grandparents. – explains the parish priest Don Salvatore Grignano – Today, more than ever because of the pandemic that put them at risk first and sacrificed many, the elderly remain often alone and far from their respective families, and instead they should be kept as our roots “.
A social campaign has also been prepared, with an invitation addressed in particular to younger people to tell about the visits and initiatives that will arise using the hashtag # IamWithYouAlways.
The Diocese of Trapani participates in the initiative and invites everyone to fill their social profiles with photos, videos, stories that tell the meeting with “special grandparents” : our biological grandparents or elderly friends, especially those most alone or sick, to express our gratitude to them, “our strength and our wisdom” as Pope Francis says.
“It is the right day for a hug, a dedication, a visit as a special gift to our” special grandparents “. Take a video, a photo, a stories
Let’s fill the social networks with their smiles, their tenderness. Let’s tell them that we are always with them, our strength and our wisdom
Use hastag
#IamWithYouAlways #nonnispeciali #DiocesidiTrapani #nonnino #nonnina “

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