Trapani suffers but San Luca wins, draw for Siracusa: granata back in the lead

Trapani and San Luca faced each other in a Serie D match, with Trapani winning 2-1. San Luca proved to be a challenging opponent, despite recent issues within the team. The game saw Kragl scoring for Trapani, Pissas equalizing for San Luca, and Cocco securing the win with a penalty kick for Trapani. Although the president of Trapani expressed discontent with the team’s performance, the victory put them back at the top of the standings. Additionally, Siracusa drew their match, allowing Trapani to take a 2-point lead in the league. The overall standings have Trapani in first place with 34 points, followed closely by Siracusa and Vibonese with 32 points each.

Il Trapani soffre ma batte il San Luca, pari per il Siracusa: i granata di nuovo in testa

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