Trapani, Sicily AMAZING Baroque architecture and churches

On this episode of You, Me and Sicily we take you to Trapani in the Province of Trapani to see some of the main sites. First stop is …


  1. How much to rent a car please. Thank you for all your hard work it’s amazing

  2. Lovely video! I'm researching my husband's genealogy of surname which takes me to where the Abate family settled in Trapani. Now I can't wait to visit! I so NEED to see our other island (Sicily).

  3. I wonder how touristic Trapani is, since I don´t see many people in the streets on any of the videos Ive seen.

  4. Are there tours you can take to the salt flats, or is it just something you drive by, or walk around…or are you even allowed to visit on your own?

  5. Been there 5 times visiting family … as a child/young adult never realized the history of Trapani 🤦🏻‍♀️ I think I learned more about the city from watching this video. Such a beautiful place and proud to say my family lives there. Many aunts, uncles and cousins ❤️

  6. The only architecture s just so amazing…. test of the times how it’s lasted so long….I may not be of Sicilian decent , but I thoroughly enjoy the historical aspect of it…

  7. Beautiful Trapani! I love Nativity scenes, they're a treasure. ✨✨ And the mills… ❤ Great video! 👍

  8. Wow, I had no idea how interesting Trapani is! Thirty years ago, we visited the salt pans and had lunch on Marausu Beach. We then visited Erice on a tour, bypassing the centre of Trapani. The views of the sea below were incredible. Years later, we visited Erice again on our own because the views were so memorable. Thank you for making these delightful videos.

  9. Trapani is the closest city to San Vito lo Capo. We have some relatives there still. We were there a long time ago. Great episode and video! 😊❤️

  10. From the moment I stepped foot in Trapani I knew I belonged. GRAZIE MILLE per video !!! Magnifico !!! This video is a wonderful addition to my site. Dear friends I wish you both much success in the coming year ! I hope to see a series on the nobility and palaces of our Bedda Sicilia !! <3

  11. Great episode! Next time on the road that goes by the salt pans bring a bag. They pile salt on the turnout for the locals to just scoop their own salt for free

  12. I gotta start making a point of spending time in the west! Great video.

  13. Wow!! so much more to Trapani!! Love the historical perspective.. always some places to add to my next visit!! Love how you continue to share this amazing island! Grazie!!

  14. We always enjoy wandering around in Trapani before or after catching the ferry to the Egadi islands. It is probably the only big city in Sicily where you can live downtown and still be walking distance to a beautiful beach. Great spot for some busiate con la bottarga di tonno e menta and maybe some fresh ricotta. Last time we were there the gondola up to Erice was closed so we drove up for an amazing sunset.

  15. Another interesting video from You, Me and Sicily! Can't believe your on video # 70 already. Trapani looks beautiful and wish I visited it when I was on the West side of the island.