Trapani Shark Unleashed: Tenth Victory Comes to Rome

The search for the tenth seasonal victory must go through two heavy absences. The first, announced, is that of coach Daniele Parente (replaced by Daniele Quilici), who stayed at home due to a gastrointestinal illness. The second, which occurred during warm-up, is that of captain Marco Mollura, stopped due to muscle fatigue. In the renovated PalaTiziano, two hundred magnificent Trapanesi Granata fans support the Shark. They start the game without the fighting spirit needed, as shown by the 8-3 lead for the home team. However, they manage to regain the lead with a score of 10-17. Despite some setbacks, they manage to secure a solid lead in the third quarter and finish with a final score of 106-84. J.d. Notae scores 30 points, leading the team to victory.

Basket, Trapani Shark scatenato: a Roma arriva la decima vittoria

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