Trapani, scratches and bites against the carabinieri: special surveillance arrested and stop on citizenship income

Special surveillance violates the obligation to stay in Trapani, which she is subjected to, to go to Paceco where she is found, and arrested, by the police after a fight.

The carabinieri of the Radiomobile Section of the Trapani Company, after reporting a quarrel between two people in Paceco, found FI, 41, who had arbitrarily moved away from her town of residence, moreover at an illegal time.

In an attempt to quell the fight and bring the woman home, the latter reacted by scratching and biting the military. In particular, one of the operators reported injuries for which he had to resort to emergency care.

At the end of the investigations of the case and the formalities of the rite, the woman was declared under arrest and restricted to her home. The judicial authority validated the arrest by subjecting the 41-year-old to the precautionary measure of presentation to the Judicial Police every day of the week and issued the decree of immediate suspension of the benefit of citizenship income.

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