Trapani remembers the bombing of 1943

Today the city flag at half mast.

The memory. Today the flag of the city at half mast, in memory of the civilian and military victims of the bombing that hit the historic center of Trapani hard on 6 April 1943. This morning, in agreement with the National Association of Civilian Victims of War, in via XXX January, at the dedicated monument, in compliance with the CV 19 anti-contagion measures and in the presence of the civil and military authorities, a prayer ceremony was held with deposition of the laurel wreath by the mayor Giacomo Tranchida. “Guardians of the past – Tranchida said in homage to the memory of the victims – but lovers of the future”. The mayor urged the new generations, even in the face of the new pandemic war, to be united and in solidarity. (HANDLE)



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