Trapani local government seeks assistance for vineyards

The Trapani municipal council, on the proposal of councilor Giuseppe Pellegrino, has voted on a political document in support of the wine sector. Over the past twenty years, vineyard areas have decreased by at least 40%. Vineyards have also been affected by downy mildew, resulting in significant economic repercussions. The council urges the national government to intervene with Agea in order to advance the payment of agro-environmental measures to September 30th, as well as to activate measures to compensate for income losses in the wine industry, which are also due to the general increase in production costs and recent adversities, allocating at least 70 million euros. The Trapani municipal administration also requests direct financial aid for wine growers to support their survival.

Trapani, la giunta comunale chiede aiuti per i viticoltori

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