Trapani, former slaughterhouse: reclamation and general cleaning ordered

Two days to clean the former slaughterhouse: this is the decision of the mayor of Trapani Giacomo Tranchida who “invited” (not exactly sweetly) the manager of the VI Sector Guarnotta, the manager of the V Sector Quatrosi, the Commissioner of the Local Police Mario Bosco to take action to “restore full decency conditions around the former slaughterhouse area as well as inside by Friday 2 July, providing for the immediate removal of waste and following the sanitary and hygienic reclamation of the places. Likewise, by the same date, the weeding of the entire area in question will have to be carried out and the gate will be restored where it is missing “.

The warning was sent for information to the general secretary and to the councilors Romano, La Porta and Safina after Tranchida himself went there for an inspection. “The structure is at the mercy of all given the lack of protective fencing in a part of the main entrance – writes the mayor -. Inside the structure there is waste of all kinds, including organic animals and birds, as well as weeds and various brushwood in clear violation of the fire regulations in force “.

The manager of Sector V promptly monitored the municipal assets in an unused state with the simultaneous burden – where possible in agreement with Sector VI – of making it safe and also sanitary and sanitary. The Commander of the Local Police, on the other hand, was ordered to allocate suitable surveillance, even remotely and with adequate equipment.

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