Trapani council approves budget forecast but remains in provisional management

The City Council of Trapani has approved the 2023-2025 budget forecast. The financial tool was passed during the last meeting and will now be reviewed by the auditors before being presented to the city council for final approval.

Despite the fact that 2023 has already passed, this is still an important act because the 2023-2025 forecast includes the year 2024. However, the City remains in provisional management, and the Council has requested an extension of the previous deadline originally set for March 15. Since the necessary accounting documents have not been approved by that date, a 30-day extension has been granted, which will once again need to be reviewed by the Council.

“We have approved the 2023-2025 budget forecast which includes the 2024 financial year,” said Mayor Giacomo Tranchida. “We are already working on the 2024-2026 forecast and keep in mind that we had to pass a resolution to extend provisional management until April 15.”

-A full article by Anna Restivo in today’s edition of the Giornale di Sicilia in Trapani.

Trapani, la giunta approva il bilancio di previsione ma resta la gestione provvisoria

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