Trapani, contagion down. Among the last in Italy, an opportunity not to be wasted occasions-da-non-sprecare-nbsp. png

Contagions fall again in the province of Trapani, and return to levels prior to Easter. In short, our province, today, would be a “white” area, given that it ranks at the lowest levels in Italy in terms of incidence. This is an opportunity not to be wasted: never as now must we appeal to everyone’s responsibility. With the distance, the masks, and the vaccine we can think of a summer that is certainly not Covid – free, but in serenity. But it depends on all of us. If everyone thinks that they are smarter than the others, and that they organize a meal or a party, they put their health, the economy and school at risk.

But let’s go to the data. The incidence in the province of Trapani is 75. It is the value of new cases in the last seven days per hundred thousand inhabitants. The only reliable data (which unfortunately the ASP of Trapani does not provide …) because it is the true thermometer of the pandemic. With this value Trapani is in fourth from last place in Italy. And it is the Sicilian province in better shape. Unfortunately, Palermo does not go down, Catania and Caltanissetta are above average. As a province we can do better than 75. A month ago, in fact, on March 27, we were just last in Italy, with 50.

Yesterday in the province of Trapani there were only 26 positives. Saturday, 45. Friday 48. All the graphs we have described to you are in the images attached to this article.

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