Trapani, collect olives but have citizenship income.


As part of the ordinary activity of combating undeclared work, the Financiers of the Tenenza di Castelvetrano carried out a targeted control towards an agricultural company operating in the olive sector, finding the presence of as many as thirteen laborers, Italians and foreigners, dedicated to lending his work in the absence of a formal work contract.

The subsequent investigations conducted by the Fiamme Gialle through the use of the databases used by the Corps revealed that two of the aforementioned workers were included in households benefiting from citizenship income. This circumstance was promptly reported to the I.N.P.S. to proceed, as established by current legislation, to order the blocking of the social security benefit and the simultaneous imposition of the consequent sanctions.

Moreover, during the inspection activities, it was found that one of the employees, of Romanian nationality, was the recipient of a restrictive measure of a personal nature, …
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Trapani, collect olives but have citizenship income.

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