Trapani Blitz Exposes Mafia, Politicians, and Businessmen in Parallel Government at Custonaci Municipality

The recent antimafia operation in Custonaci has exposed a harsh reality. According to investigators, there was a parallel government at the local municipality consisting of mafia associates, politicians, and businessmen. This group had the power to influence local administrative activities, with mafia interference becoming a tool for controlling the territory and the local economy. The investigation uncovered manipulation of procedures and administrative choices within the municipality, including control over the concrete and olive oil markets, as well as the trade of quarry materials used to fill ports in Sicily. Former mayor Giuseppe Morfino is among those under investigation, along with other individuals connected to mafia figures. While some have been arrested, Morfino and others remain under investigation, presumed innocent until proven guilty. The investigation sheds light on the relationship between the administration and mafia elements, and it aligns with previous suspicions raised by opposition councilor Giuseppe Bica. Conversations intercepted by investigators further support the connections between Morfino and the other suspect, Baldassare Campo. The investigations also suggest possible irregularities in water supply contracts. Morfino is facing allegations of external complicity with the mafia, but the judge currently considers the evidence insufficient to support this charge. As a result, no precautionary measures have been applied to Morfino.

Il blitz di Trapani: per i magistrati «al Comune di Custonaci c’era un giunta parallela fra mafiosi, politici e imprenditori»

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