Trapani beats Akragas and advances to Copa Italia round of 16

At the Esseneto stadium in Agrigento, the Trapani team, led by Alfio Torrisi, won the match against Akragas in the sixteenth round of the Serie D Coppa Italia. The game ended 3-0 in favor of Trapani, with goals scored by Sbrissa in the 9th and 95th minutes, and Samake in the 46th minute. Trapani, currently at the top of the standings with 31 points, easily advanced to the quarter-finals. Akragas, on the other hand, is in seventh place with 18 points. The match saw both teams striving for victory, with Trapani ultimately securing their place in the quarter-finals.

Il Trapani batte l’Akragas e vola agli ottavi di finale di coppa Italia

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