Trapanese journalist and manager Alessandro Vento, 45, found dead

The journalist Alessandro Vento, 45, originally from Trapani but living in Milan, has died after a battle with illness. Vento was known for his expertise in technological innovation in publishing systems and artificial intelligence. He started his career with “Oggi Sicilia” in the late 90s and later worked for “Il Tempo” and “RCS Mediagroup”. In 2010, he founded D-share, a leading company in media technology, and worked on digital solutions for publications such as Le Figaro, El Pais, and Clarin. He sold the company to Agi in 2019 and was involved in the creation of the innovative news app “Sallo!” in Sicily. Colleagues remember him as a talented and intelligent individual who made significant contributions to the field.

Morto il giornalista e manager trapanese Alessandro Vento, aveva 45 anni

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