Transport for the smaller islands, Foti (Attiva Sicilia): “New benefits are smoke in the eyes for commuters and residents”

The new facilities dedicated to transport for the smaller Sicilian islands are far from the real needs of increasingly isolated territories. Unfortunately, in fact, in most cases the discount applied to travel booklets to be consumed within a predefined time frame is not very convenient “. This was stated by the deputies of Attiva Sicilia, Angela Foti, vice president of Ars, and Valentina Palmeri. The Attiva Sicilia group has repeatedly intervened on the issue, also soliciting a hearing in the Transport Commission at the Ars to address the problem. Hearing that on February 9 last saw the participation of the regional councilor Marco Falcone, representatives of the shipping companies, mayors and the commuter committee.

Falcone himself announced new concessions that would have made it possible to overcome the problem “but in reality the economic conditions provided for the travels are not as convenient as advertised – says Foti – because the time frame foreseen for consuming the various carnets, strictly nominal and not dedicated to families, it turns out to be too short and often it is not possible to take advantage of all the tickets purchased and paid in advance ”.

“Furthermore – concludes Foti – the facilities are not provided for natives of the smaller islands or for those who have second homes. Moving to these territories, therefore, means suffering an economic hardship that penalizes both the condition of the worker and that of the resident or of those who have chosen to live part of the year on the smaller Sicilian islands. In the budget we intervened with a proposal on the commuting of school staff which provides for an increase in the reserve on the fund for the functioning of the schools of the smaller islands to meet the economic difficulties suffered “.

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