Transfer Catania, the note from the president of Sigi Ferraù

Sigi has updated the situation

of ITASportPress editorial staff

The president of Sigi, lawyer. Giovanni Ferraù wrote a message to update the situation of the sale of the club to the Tacopina group:

SIGI, Joe Tacopina and their respective professionals met yesterday, as always in full harmony to reach the common goal, updating the program in the light of the missing feedback. With regard to the latter, due media caution is required, since it is a complex matter and technical times that are not always predictable. The epochal closing date will be another, now not very far away, but February 25, 2021 was still a fundamental day for Calcio Catania. Special thanks to Joe Tacopina for his patient waiting, which allows SIGI to continue working to relaunch Calcio Catania where it deserves. Our slippage needs have been understood and met by Joe and his presence at SIGI’s side these days will be particularly useful in planning the upcoming future together, which invests the current ownership of the task of meeting deadlines (payment of the deadlines). creditors and ordinary management). Catania, on the pitch, will continue to give their all, with two other close matches, including the great Sicilian derby on the horizon: this time we can’t go wrong. We are Calcio Catania and in this great WE are all of you… each of you!

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