Tram Palermo, the Giunta reshapes priority for ABC lines

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The goal, according to Mayor Lagalla, is to “connect peripheral areas to facilitate their regeneration”

The council of the Municipality of Palermo, on the proposal of the councilor for sustainable mobility, Maurizio Cartaapproved an act of guidance for the reshaping of priorities for the construction of lines A, B and C of the tram.

Goal is “both of make the lines operational immediately what are the outlying areas of the cityand to make the realization of the same compatible with the current loans assigned, subject to review pursuant to and for the effects of the adjustments to the regional price lists “.

Lines ABC-, established priorities

The address deed provides a mandate to the offices to proceed with the assignment of the executive design and the material construction of tram lines A, B and C, according to the integrated procurement procedures, and according to the resources currently available, according to this order of priority: Section C, Line 4/1 – extension of existing line 3 for 8.180 km (A / R), according to the current scheme (single track for each carriageway), along Viale della Regione Siciliana up to the FF.SS.
Orleans; section B, Line 5/1 – extension of existing line 1 for 1,330 km (A / R), from the FF.SS.
Notarbartolo at the Via Duca della Verdura; section A, Line 6/1 – extension of existing line 1 for 11,550 km (A / R), from Via Balsamo to Viale Croce Rossa.

For this last section, in the executive planning phase, they must be the subject of ” in-depth evaluation of all the most suitable ones And further improvement solutions within the stretch between Piazza Antonio Mordini and Piazza Giulio Cesare, in order to minimize the impact on the urban / historical fabric while ensuring the effectiveness of the system “.

Lagalla: “Objective to connect peripheral areas”

The address, underlined the mayor Roberto Lagalla“Constitutes a clear example of a new administrative approach of a Municipality that re-appropriates the regulatory and planning capacity to address the overall design of collective mobility on rail in the best possible way, pursuing the dual objective of connect peripheral areas for facilitate their regeneration and to have respect and care for the most precious and delicate parts of the historical urban fabric “.

“The inversion of priority with respect to the acts of the previous administration – added the commissioner Carta – will make it possible to carry out all the necessary and more accurate technical investigations, both transport and urban planning, for review the methods of travel along the central north-south axis“.

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2022-08-05 18:48:00

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