Training projects of the Ark of Noah, first phase completed: here's what you need to know


The first of the two training projects of the Noah's Ark ASD, financed through the Notice 2/2018 of the Sicilian Region and the European Social Fund POFSE – Sicily 2020, ended with the final exams. The project aimed at the design and implementation of a Specialization Course for Assistants to Autonomy and Communication of the Disabled has seen fifteen women successfully pass the final exam thus achieving the goal of specializing in this profession, acquiring all the skills necessary to foster pupil integration with disabilities in the classroom (Law 104/92), promoting the processes of communication and relationship of the student and between this and the reference figures: teachers, companions, family.

We want to remember how the assistant to autonomy and communication for the disabled can work in public facilities through adherence to special calls or private structures (associations, cooperatives, play centers, day care centers, family houses), also affiliated.

The president of the Association, prof. Maurizio Bellia said: “Another training course has been concluded which, successfully, has trained fifteen women to better face the labor market and also reaffirm how knowledge and skills are disseminated through people and that is why each course becomes an opportunity not to be missed ".

The students who took part in it with Noah's Ark were 15 and all achieved with exemplary results the obtaining of the qualification, with the final compliments of the President of the Commission appointed by the Regional Department of Education and Professional Training of Sicily.

A final figure, which says a lot about the success of the training proposal, however, was the high percentage of attendance of students with peaks up to 90%, despite the length of the course.

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