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Training, Lagalla: “From today, a certification to guarantee liquidity to institutions through the transfer of the receivable due from the Region”

Roberto Lagalla

A certification issued by the Region that the training bodies accredited to the Regional Department of Education and Vocational Training will be able to use to ask banks for liquidity through the assignment of credit.

The Regional Department of Education and Vocational Training has set up the “credit transfer” tool, to ensure the timely disbursement of the sums due to the vocational training institutions, by way of advance and balance, for the financing of training activities.

It will therefore be possible for the entities that request it to issue the certification of the credit due and this can be used for the purposes of any credit transfer, granted by banks or economic entities.

“Thanks to this instrument arranged in favor of the training institutions – explains the commissioner Roberto Lagalla – they will be able to protect the staff and guarantee a stable continuity of the training activities provided, even in the event that they are unable to promptly collect the advances of the financed resources from the Region. This is a further action in favor of the Sicilian training system which, thanks to what the regional government has done in recent years, has managed to turn a heavily stalled situation into a positive one, which had put a strain on the workers of the entire sector “.

Entities duly accredited to the Regional Department of Education and Vocational Training may be admitted to the credit transfer institution, pursuant to Presidential Decree no. 25 of 1 October 2015, which operate, in particular , in the vocational training sector.

The procedure applies to all stages relating to regional and extra-regional financing procedures and constitutes an important tool for simplifying the relationship between regional administration and training partnership, ensuring the latter financial soundness and economic stability.