Tragic accident on the Palermo-Catania: one dead and 5 injured

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Clash at the entrance to the city.
Who is the victim

Six cars involved, one person dead and five injured.
It is the terrible toll of an accident that took place last night on the Palermo-Catania motorway at Villabate, in the direction of the capital.
The impact was very violent and literally destroyed the vehicles, to the point of causing the death of one of the drivers.
For Giuseppe Ponte, 71, in fact, the rescuers who arrived on the spot were unable to do anything and the death was ascertained.

Section closed to traffic

The man was originally from Palagonia, in the province of Catania.
When the alarm was raised on the spot, the firefighters arrived and extracted the injured from the cars reduced to a tangle of metal sheets.
The traffic police and the Anas men were also on the scene of the accident: the section was closed to traffic for several hours to allow the 118 intervention and carry out the surveys.

The investigations

Investigations are still underway to reconstruct the dynamics, it is not excluded that it was the high speed that caused the crash.
The wounded were transported to Civico and Buccheri La Ferla, among them none would be in serious condition.

Second victim of the road in a few hours

Yesterday another section of the Palermo-Catania motorway went haywire due to a heavy vehicle that went up in flames.
In this case the inconveniences occurred in the Enna area, always in the direction of Palermo.
Another road tragedy, on the other hand, occurred in the Messina area: the young Marika Cambria lost her life in MIlazzo.
She was only 18 years old.
She lost control of her scooter, crashing into the guardrail and then violently onto the asphalt.

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