Tragedy in Rivalta Scrivia, Palermo dies in a factory hooked by a machine

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He died on the job, hooked by a machine that threw him to the ground, at the age of 32. Davide Scanio he was a worker at Cavalleri, a packaging company in Rivalta Scrivia (Alessandria), where one of the logistics hubs is located, between Piedmont and Liguria.

He had attended the Don Orione institute

Originally from Sicily, he had lived in Palermo where he had attended the Don Orione institute.
He was passionate about motorcycles – as the photos posted on Facebook reveal – he knew he was taking a potential risk whenever he got on the bike.
He didn’t know he could die working so young.
He was busy near a machine – this was the first reconstruction – which, after hooking him, threw him violently to the ground.
Death would be immediate.
But it will be the investigations of the carabinieri and the Spresal to deepen the dynamics and possible responsibilities of the accident that shook a country of just over 6,000 inhabitants.
«We still don’t know how it went – explains the mayor Alberto Basso – Of course, we are all upset.
Davide, even though he had recently moved to us, was well known.
Handsome, young, he played sports, he had many friends, he made himself loved.
Absurd if he had to go like this.
The investigative findings will give precise answers to the doubts that still exist, perhaps a fatality, a lack of safety requirements.
The fact remains – adds the mayor of Rivalta Scrivia – that, in 2022, losing one’s life in the workplace at 32 is unacceptable.
As soon as possible we will organize, as a Municipality, an initiative to remember him ».

The messages of condolence from friends

Friends’ messages multiply on social networks.
Filippo remembers it: «Life is also this, suffering and pain, you have always faced it with a smile.
Those few times we went out together were just laughter, surely if you had stayed in town, the outings would have been many more.
You were really a good boy, handsome as the sun but above all humble! ».
And Maria, recalling the carefree moments with her friends, writes “everyone will miss you, I don’t think there is a person who did not love you, anyone has only good memories with you”.

Trade unions: “Inspections in the workplace”

The unions are once again calling attention to what appears to be a never-ending emergency.
“This is yet another accident in a country, like Italy, with a very high level of mortality at work – comments Marco Ciani, general secretary of CISL Alessandria-Asti – We have been waging a battle for security for years.
More inspections are needed, above all, preventive; quality training; in the event of irregularities ascertained by the judiciary, certain sanctions to be applied for non-compliant companies.
Security remains sacred: one must be able to work to live, returning home every evening, and not die for work ».
The goal must be Zero Accidents.
Safety must not be seen as a cost, but as a constant investment for the protection and enhancement of workers “.
“We will continue – assure Fim, Fiom, Uilm Alessandria, expressing condolences to Davide Scanio’s family – to pursue a targeted path within the factories, involving the workers and the employers themselves: raising awareness of health and safety becomes the priority”.
In the province of Alessandria, between the end of 2021 and the beginning of 2022 there have already been 3 fatal and as many serious injuries at work.
Teresa Bellanova, co-president of Italia Viva and Deputy Minister of Sustainable Infrastructures and Mobility, reiterates the need for “a radical leap in quality in productive and economic culture, so that the protection of life, value and safety in the workplace are the priorities that dictate ways and times of business organization.
We cannot allow this continuous bulletin of war ».

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